Frequently Asked Dishwasher Service Questions

Frequently Asked Dishwasher Service Questions


Q: My dishes are not getting clean enough or have "white" spots on them. What is causing this?

A: There are a couple of reasons why the dishes are not getting clean enough"

  • The unit most likely cannot drain properly (either a pump issue or an issue with the drain plumbing in the house has an issue) and it's just pushing all the food particles around on the inside.
  • Most dishwashers have what's called a "fine filter" that catches bigger parts of food from getting into the pump. Most of these just pop out of the dishwasher and some are held in by a small screw

B: The white spots on dishes is most likely left over soap. This can be caused by:

  • Using too much soap. Most newer dishwashers are very water and energy efficient. They use so much less water that they require 50-70% less soap than an older one. We recommend using the "pods". Some brands of soap also work better with certain brands of dishwashers so there may be some trial and error on getting the soap right.
  • The water is not hot enough. Most new dishwashers require the water temperature to be at least 120 to 150 degrees F but the optimal is more the 150. If the water is not hot enough to break down the soap it will leave a residue. Hence, the white spots.

Q: My dishwasher wont start

A: If it is an electronically controlled dishwasher the circuit board could be bad or it is frozen. The board can get frozen (we call it "confused") if someone accidentally has pushed two buttons at the same time or just pushed a bunch of the at once (usually kids). The best way to fix this is by turning the circuit breaker in the electrical panel off, leave if off for a least 15 minutes, then turn the breaker back on. Run it on a light cycle and test it to see if it works. If that didn't work, either try to leave the breaker off for a longer period of time. If THAT doesn't work you'll probably need to replace some parts such as the board or a latch switch. Non-electronic control dishwashers with a manual knob turn style timer have what are called "interlock switches" that control the power to the unit when the door is closed.

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